Another precedent set by our Tourism CEO is that of getting a “pet” at work. Each Ministry CEO ought to now be encouraged to adopt a pet. Not permitted are as pets are Alligators, Snakes, Tarantulas, Gibbons, Chimps, Sharks, Pit Bull Terriers, Lions, Tigers, Polar Bears, Elephants or Rhinos. Talking parrots and Pet Rocks are acceptable.

It was months in the past that Big Red broke the rumour Tom Tom was headed for Titikaveka and the QR’s robes! Big Red additionally tipped you off that the large shoes Tom Tom leaves behind will be re-engineered and re-shaped to suit the ft of Mr Big in the Western Alliance, the King of Concrete. $2 million for the Arorangi jetty? There are tongues wagging over cost overruns because of the have to hold re-doing the dirt observe for the heavy digging equipment due to the tidal action continuously washing the soil away. It’s to be hoped the aqua-ponics plant at Titikaveka just isn't allowed to flounder due to a scarcity of funds for additional improvement as was the case with previous proprietor Tap Pryor.

Where’s the $600 million wanted going to come from? Economic restoration may be initiated by one thing fairly so simple as just getting a fast ferry service set up! Don’t throw over $10 million a yr to prop up Air NZ, they don’t fly to the outer islands! Support our own native airline and buy the ferry-the price is said to be less than $3 million. Loose lips sink ships chooks and as a former PM, now sporting excessive flyer, has found, unfastened lips flip flights! A few sick timed remarks about explosives saw the excessive flyer marched off by the boys in blue!

If your automotive is protected, nicely and good. At the speeds many are driving it’s a surprise there aren’t more crashes. Areai also says earlier than he began his marketing campaign, the CIP candidate was forward of the Demo candidate in the numbers sport but now he has joined the race, the competition is between him and the Demo man.

The new get together would solely have to win maybe three seats to be a pressure to be reckoned with. Why else would ex-pats all of a sudden begin an orchestrated marketing campaign to get locals to look at Vaka TV? This means ex-pats are watching CITV and not Vaka! So here’s a message to ex-pats who get pleasure from operating down onerous working locals. Keep watching CITV as a end result of if you’re actually fortunate, you may just discover some more trivial, pin pricking issues on your tiny brains to complain about. Aitutaki council, leaders and port individuals are doing their darndest to raise the $15 million needed to carry out their harbour project!

But to not fear, it’s treatable. With our flesh pressers traveling frequently primarily in enterprise or economic system class, two varieties have been found, Travel-buga-risus Class-Biz-ni-situs and Travel- buga-risus Class E-cono-meesus. However, the PM has been stricken with a third and powerful strand, far more virulent than the opposite two, “Travel-buga-risis-777.” The cure? Avoid all air journey for no much less than one yr.

Subject matter is of no consequence. So the Finance Commissar is to do away with MP’s $5,000 clothes allowance? One chook calculates a primary good enterprise suit could price around $600.

Visiting Cookie from Melbourne says it’s so simple to fix pot holes within the road he cannot perceive why our individuals are muckin’ about and never doing a correct jobbie. In Aussie he says concrete is poured in to carry the stones in place earlier than being lined by fantastic gravel. Over here it seems we have a love affair with pot holes. Word is chooks a few highflyers may quickly be minimize off at the knees as evidence piles up against one specifically. Watch for whispers to reach the ears of an overseas constabulary.

Seems someone from the island requested for a duplicate however the screening has been blocked. Big Red says overlook the roads chooks and overlook infrastructure issues that profit no-one. Go for insurance policies like increasing the age for child benefit from 12 to fifteen.

Then, mysteriously, the tank disappeared. Enquiries made from the top line safety guards on the wharf gate revealed a truck had carried the tank away from the wharf and it might now be somewhere in Betela. MOIP still has the tank underneath tender.

Captain Cook would have given us his name if he wanted to but he didn't. Clearly he did not suppose he deserved to name the place after him. Why is CISNOC having monetary problems? Surely, after the

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2007 Pacific Games in Samoa, CISNOC ought to have began fund elevating for

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2011. In reality, every sporting code should have been placing some money away during the last four years to ease the ache now.

Photographers for magazines, movie makers, are among this lot. Word is the chow invoice is already as a lot as $25,000! At least the youngsters will get an honest meal! 500 to be catered by T&M Heather and 500 by the Atiu people Big Red hears. Who’s educating the youngsters how to catch fish? One chook laments kids these days would somewhat sit in entrance of a computer display than take up a rod and bait and head for the lagoon or reef!

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